Thursday, June 4, 2015

Gym 2015

We had 5 kids in gym this year!  As always, they met new friends, learned lots of new tricks, and participated in a great recital!!  Sophy has a beautiful cartwheel and handstand...especially for a 5 yr. old!  She loves climbing, and flipping, and racing around the gym.  Our little man is fearless!  He is gaining gymnastics technique, but mostly races around the gym jumping from the highest places and flipping over anything and everything!  Hayley really improved this year!!  She has mastered backbends and back walk-overs and is close to a front handspring!  She did a great job remembering her whole show and was super excited to have a silver/black/green sparkly outfit!!  Myles is an athlete...what can I say?:)  He can do an ariel cartwheel and front handspring, and sometimes his back handspring.  He stole the show by walking on his hands across the entire stage!!  Kyra has blossomed and gained confidence as she has a beautiful front and back walk over, great front handspring, and ariel cartwheel.  Such fun to watch them all grow stronger and have fun!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Last 9 Months...

It's been a while...9 months actually since I posted on this blog.  Life is good and FULL.  Full for many reasons...homeschooling 4 kids, soccer, gymnastics, basketball, field trips, church activities, discipline, heart issues(for me and the kids), birthdays...birthdays...and more birthdays.  But the biggest reason I've been absent is probably the fact that we've had 2 additions to our family for the past 9 months.  Two foster children who have challenged us, brought more laughter, fun and craziness, stretched our faith, and taught us more about Christ's sacrificial love.  We don't know God's plan for them, but we're trusting day by day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lake Tahoe!!!

To us, Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places on earth!  Once again, we had a wonderful time enjoying the water, the mountains, the hiking, the ice cream, the campfires and smores, the cousins...
Our days were fun and full as Scott and the other guys got up at 4:30 each morning to go fishing, usually taking Kyra or Myles, then water skiing around 8am, then playing at the beach and racing around on sea doos for the rest of the morning.  The afternoons were full of hikes and card games, baseball games in the woods, horseback riding, a trip to the ice cream parlor, and a trip to the movies on a rainy day.  Here's a few pictures from the trip(all out of order:))!
 Myles LOVED to help Papa and Daddy drive the boat!!
 All the camping cousins!!
 Sophy and Quincy had so much fun!  Two peas in a pod!
 Lots of playing in the water!

 Cousins or brothers???  I'm sure people wondered:).
 Hayley did her part for conservation!  These shells are not native, nor are they supposed to be in the lake...but here they are!
 Goggle boy!

 Sophy isn't old enough to go on a trail ride, but she loved taking pony rides around the arena on "Laurie"!
 Fishing at Caples Lake...beautiful, but no fish:/
 Myles loved our trail ride to Fallen Leaf Lake!
 Probably the highlight of the trip for Kyra!  She loves horses and loved that she got to ride an ex- race horse(who never won a race, but still it was cool:)).
 Hayley and her horse "River", who was the "best horse in the whole world!"

 Our last day at the beach!  Tanned, dirty, and loving it!

 Papa and his buddy!
 Myles was great at maneuvering the kayak around in the water. 
 It's important to be fashionable, even when you're camping!

 EVERYONE skied!!  So fun!!


 The kids think Uncle Craig is the funniest person on the planet...which he pretty much is!!
 Plenty of girls to play with!
How many kids can you fit in the back seat of a truck??  I count 6!